About us

I am Kabir. I live in Bangladesh. I was born in Cumilla and now I am living in Dhaka the capital of Bangladesh. My heart is in Cumilla where I grew up but my soul is now in Dhaka where I am living.

I am married and I have two daughters and one son. When my wife was pregnant for the first time I didn’t have any idea what types of things I need. I was so confused at that moment. I have been faced with many problems during that time. I have been made many bad decisions. I was buying many overrated things for my baby like overrated strollers. But after some days I realized that those things were not perfect for my baby.  I always try to share all the mistakes that I have made at that time so that the other parents can make the right decisions.

So I have created this site to help the other parents with the best information and products that can help the parents to make the right decisions.