3 Easiest way for Stroller Cleaning

How to Clean a Stroller

Do you want to clean your baby’s stroller properly? But you don’t have any idea about this? Want to know how to clean a stroller? Don’t worry, you come to the right place and I’m here to aid your decision.

Why should have to keep clean it?

Did you know that your child may more be affected by the stroller’s germs than toys or other things?

Children are more susceptible to germs than adults. Since they spend most of the day in the stroller, it is important to clean their stroller regularly. Otherwise, they can be affected by skin, respiratory, or many other diseases


3 easiest way for stroller cleaning

if you want to clean your baby’s stroller properly but you don’t have any kind of idea, check out the information below. I’m confident that you’ll find an accurate guideline. Here I include the easiest 3 steps to clean your stroller, which saves your time also.

These steps are

  1. Cleaning the fabric areas
  2. Cleaning the frame
  3. Cleaning the wheels and accessories.

Cleaning the fabric areas

What things you need to have:

• A vacuum cleaner.
• Soft toothbrush or a soft fabric brush.
• Warm water
• Mild soap
  • At first, you have to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning your particular stroller.
  • Secondly, you may use the flexible hose of vacuum cleaner to remove loose crumb and debris.
  • Then you have to mix a small amount of soap with warm water in a bowl and clean the fabric gently
  • Finally, dry the stroller thoroughly outside under the sun or outside.


Cleaning the frame

What things you need to have:

• Soap
• Lukewarm water
• Toothbrush or soft scrubbing brush.
• Sponge
• Soft cloth
  • Discharge the removable parts of the stroller.
  • Mix the soap with warm water and use a sponge to wipe the frame. Make sure that you remove all the dirt and marks.
  • To remove dirt from hard-to-reach places you can use a toothbrush or scrubbing brush to clean.
  • Lastly, you have to use a soft cloth for wiping the frame and soapy residue.


Cleaning the wheels and accessories

What things you need to have:

• A small brush
• Warm water
• Dishwashing soap
  • Before cleaning, make sure the wheels are removable. Then would it be easy for you to do.
  • Then you have to mix the dishwashing soap with warm water and clean the wheels and accessories using a small brush properly.
  • Finally, keep them outside or under the sun for drying.

Following these steps, you can clean your stroller properly. To know more.

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