Jogging Stroller Buying Guide

Jogging Stroller Buying Guide

About Jogging Stroller

Do you love to run? Worried about how to run with the baby? Luckily I am here to aid your decision and added a jogging stroller buying guide for you. Because the jogging stroller only for you. It gives you the freedom to go for a run where ever you want.

If you want to lead your life healthy and active, then jogging or running every day is a must. Jogging keeps the mind jolly and body refreshed. One can enjoy the beautiful nature via jogging. It also reduces anxiety and stress. So it’s important for everyone.

Especially it’s more effective for a mother after her pregnancy. You may not be able to get admitted to the gym or purchase a stationary bike for its overpriced.  But jogging is one of the best ways for you to keep fit. At this time you hardly need a good jogging carriage.

Having a baby doesn’t mean that you have to ignore your own healthy lifestyle. When you become a parent, self-care is important. After pregnancy, you can run with your baby which is an excellent idea to lose your weight. For this, you must need a safe and top-quality jogging stroller.


Now the question may come to mind that, exactly what is a jogging stroller?

Jogging strollers are those strollers that are designed and manufactured for outdoor use. More especially I can say for jogging. They are generally large in size and heavy. It has air-filled tires. These strollers are designed to give you the best ride. Even it gives high speeds on uneven terrain. Most jogging strollers are designed with one air-filled large wheel in front and two in the back. Usually, a lock and a swivel are included for better flexibility when you’re walking.

Due to people are being more health-conscious, the demand for a jogging pram is increased in recent years. Nowadays, the popularity of a jogging stroller has expanded at an exciting rate.

Using a perfect jogging stroller you can enable to take your child for jogging. It’s also a great opportunity for your baby to explore the world! There are a few things to keep in mind before jogging. Such as-

  • Make sure that your front wheel is safe and secure
  • Front-wheel is lock must be confirmed.
  • Safety strap has to wear.

Before routine, you keep in mind that, your baby’s age needs to be at least 6 months. Otherwise, the baby will not be able to control his or her movements and sit upon his or her own in the stroller. Even can’t proper head and neck support. Which is maybe very harmful to your adorable one. So you shouldn’t start your journey without a pediatrician clearance.



Buying Guide: The features of a perfect jogging stroller

All jogging strollers are designed to provide more facilities than a traditional stroller. These mechanisms vary from a stroller to a stroller. Some strollers made for serious runners and some made for a short jog or run. Having all these things aren’t mandatory, but these will make your experience good, safe, and comfortable.

Buying a stronger stroller for your child is a very important thing. That’s why I’m giving a jogging stroller buying guide here. You have to find a super-safe, enjoyable and comfortable stroller for your baby. To aid your decision I give here some factors.

Large air-filled rubber Wheels:

jogging stroller Wheels


Small wheels aren’t perfect for a jogging stroller. Usually, a jogging stroller has 3 large wheels. Some people called these “Bicycle” wheels also. The front wheel is around 12 inches wide and the back 2 wheels are around 16 inches.

There are two types of front wheel. One is a fixed wheel and the other is the swivel wheel. The fixed wheel locked permanently to ensure the stroller place on the path. On the other hand, the swivel maneuvers it easily when walking, but locked when running.

These Pneumatic tires require regular pumping and that very eases. So don’t be worried. The main purpose of this large diameter is to give comfort to your child on rough roads.

Harness for safety:

jogging pram Harness


A five-point the harness is essential to secure your baby when you run. These will give your baby so much comfortable, that’s why you can enjoy an active lifestyle. These just like the baby’s car seat. It keeps you chilly when your child will sleep also.


jogging stroller brakes


Before purchasing a jogging stroller you should look for another feature and that is the brake. This is the third most important feature for a jogging stroller. Any other strollers also use these features.

They are essential to keep the stroller from rolling away. Using one or two action brakes can control the wheels very easily. Usually, a parking brake is used every time.

Some strollers added a hand-brake for well-control the stroller’s speed. It’s a wonderful addition. The parking brake is standard but the hand-operated brake is surprising. It has many advantages. Having a hand brake is very useful especially in the hilly area. When you come down the hill, it will help you to control the speed.


jogging pushchair Canopy


It’s a very important feature as it protects your child from the elements. The heat of the sun and the excessive rain resist the canopy.

Some canopy added the SPF protection to keep your baby safe. Also, a built-in peekaboo screen is essential to keep the baby’s eyes secure.

Reclining seat:

jogging gear reclining-seat


Reclining seat is mandatory for the comfortable position of your child. When you’ll choose a stroller, you have to see the reclining seat to achieve the most comfortable position of your child.

Doing this, your kid seat and sleep peacefully. Though the baby won’t slip you must ensure that the leg holes are closed.



jogging stroller suspension


Nowadays many jogging strollers added the suspension system for a smooth ride. It reduces the pressure of the bump and the effects of running.

My baby felt so comfortable and fall asleep no matter where I jog. Even I jog in the country bumpy roads that don’t affect my child. But you have to consider the safety issues also. Sometimes it can be harmful to your baby’s head and neck.

Safety tether:

jogging stroller Safety-tether


It’s an additional safety feature for a jogging stroller. The leash can be attached to the handlebar with the stroller and circles your arm. This protects your stroller from moving away from you. It’s essential for hilly areas. Even using this feature you can jog like a bird in the wind!


jogging pram Storage


For jogging, water is a must. Because after jogging you or your baby may get thirsty for water. Sometimes it will necessary for you to carry some snacks, clothes, water bottles, and diapers, etc. You will need a cup holder also.



Here I have compiled the best strollers for certain cases based on various studies. Which will help you make the right decision!

  • Best Jogging Stroller for Everyday Use: Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller
  • Best Double Jogging Stroller: Burley Honey Bee Child Trailer
  • Best Lightweight Jogging Stroller: Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller
  • Best Jogging Stroller for Road Trips: Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger
  • Best Jogging Stroller for City Parents: Baby Jogger Summit X3 Single Jogging Stroller
  • Best Affordable Jogging Stroller: Chicco TRE Performance Jogging Stroller
  • Best Value Jogging Stroller: Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller
  • Best Jogging Stroller for Running: Thule Urban Glide 2
  • Best Jogging Stroller for Tall Toddlers: Baby Jogger Summit X3 Single Stroller

Quality for a stroller

By investing your money, do you get the durable stroller? It is important to choose either a steel or aluminum frame with a high-quality model. The wheels and tires should be rubberized and air-filled.

The fabric quality is another important thing. Because it is the place where you change the diaper of your baby. And also feed the baby when you are outside. You’ll need a removable seat pad for washing easily and also wiped.

Safety of jogging

If you want to jog or run in hills or mountains than wrist trap and hand brake are mandatory. These help you to keep control over the stroller. Prevent Stroller from falling. Which is very important for hilly areas.

Always try to use a five-point harness in your stroller when jogging. It’s optional when you’re walking but compulsory for running and jogging.

Some models use reflective strips. Which increases your visibility in the dark. So, you can do jog safely in the evening hours or dark in the night.

A few things to consider before running with your baby

  • Temperature and babies
    Babies feel cold sooner than adults. Even in the heat, your baby may feel uncomfortable. Dehydration may occur in the baby’s body. So it is important to keep the temperature in mind.
  • Summer
    You have to use sunscreen must. It’ll protect your baby from sunburn. A sunshade cover and a fan are mandatory to add the stroller during summer. I hope you know that babies aren’t taken water before 6 months. So you must ensure your baby’s hydration consult with a pediatrician.
  • Winter
    To protect your baby from the cold you should give him warm clothes. Remember, you do the jogging, not your baby. So he will feel colder than you. The baby should be covered with an adequate amount of warm cloth. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that the baby should not have difficulty breathing.


Why jogging with a stroller is beneficial?

Jogging has a positive effect on children and parents. Some of them are given below:

  • After pregnancy, it helps to recover mentally and physically.
  • For losing extra pounds it’s a perfect way. ( Especially after pregnancy)
  • You’ll enjoy a great time with your baby.
  • Always you can stay active.
  • Don’t have to ignore workout just because you become a parent.
  • It helps your baby to explore the world.
  • It may help your baby get used to an active lifestyle from an early age.
  • It’ll keep you and your baby refreshed and jolly.


Why do you need a good jogging stroller?

When my first daughter came into the world, I wanted to encourage her for a healthy lifestyle from an early age.

I want to pass as much as time I could without ignoring or sacrificing my passion. For this, I really need a stroller for jogging. By which I could run with her.

I knew a lot about jogging but I have no idea about a jogging stroller. So, I felt many difficulties. After that, I did a lot of research, read many reviews and articles. Finally, I found the right jogging pushchair.

Like other parents, I also gave priority to my baby’s comfort and security. Which is more important for strolling or running together. You should choose this type of stroller which works well on any kind of terrain.

How you can different jogging strollers from other strollers?

The jogging stroller has a large structure with pneumatic air-filled tires. For which you can go for running uneven surfaces. It’s also added a hand-controlled brake and safety tether. Which may absent in other strollers.

The features and design of a jogging stroller are quite different from regular strollers. You’ll use a jogging stroller every day for jogging activities. But you can’t get this service via regular strollers.

If you compare the price of the stroller, you’ll see that the jogging stroller is pricier than other strollers. Because of its more features and configuration.


Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)  

What should be the best age of the baby to use a jogging stroller?

Some experts say that running with your baby in a jogging stroller is not a good idea until your baby turns on a certain age. Because of safety reasons. They recommended jogging for your baby after your baby turns on at least 6 months.

For everyday use, can I use a jogging stroller?

Truly speaking jogging stroller isn’t suitable for everyday use. Because it has large front wheels. As a result, it’s difficult to use in regular city life. It’s not practical for many reasons. 

When to use a jogging stroller?

After the birth of your baby, you can use a stroller without any confusion. But there are some limitations to the jogging stroller. You can’t use a stroller for jogging when your child is less than 6 months. Some pediatricians tell that you can start jog with your baby after his/her 8 months (some advice after 12 months).

You can add infant car seats for your newborn baby. You have to ensure that, your baby is able to keep head and neck support. Otherwise, it’ll bring trouble for yours.



Don’t Go Without Reading It

I’ve added a jogging stroller buying guide in this article. Here I suggest that if you’re looking for a jogging stroller for your baby you may select The BOB Revolution Pro (for serious jogging) or BOB Revolution Flex. If you want to use a car seat for your baby’s first six months than you may use The Thule Urban Glider 2. And if you’re searching a washable and heavyweight stroller for occasional use, you can choose Baby Jogger’s Summit x3. To know more about types of stroller visit here.

If you want to know about a lightweight stroller read this.



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