Stroller Handlebar Type

Stroller Handlebar Type

Stroller handlebar type is one of the most important issues that you have to consider before choosing a stroller. It plays a vital role for tall parents. If you want to push a stroller, you must feel comfortable to do this. Strollers are basically designed based on the average height of parents.

The average height for women is about 5’4” (163.5cm) and men are around 5’9” (177.1 cm). If you are taller than that you need a stroller with a high handlebar. It’s a very hard task to choose a baby stroller for tall parents. Tall parents face many difficulties to push the short stroller. You’ll suffer from back and neck pain.

In the market, you can see usually two types of strollers. These are

  1. With an adjustable handlebar
  2. With a non-adjustable handlebar

Adjustable handlebar

This is the best option for tall parents .you can easily make them short or long depending on your height. You can move the handlebar easily. As a result, it’s more user-friendly than a non-adjustable handlebar.

There are two types of adjustable handlebar. One is adjusted by rotation and the other is extends by sliding out. The latter one is really good for tall people with long legs.

Rotating Handles:

Rotating stroller Handles

This type of stroller is able to pivot between 25-75 degrees. Which makes this a few inches higher. To increase the height, the handlebars lock either rotate up to be diagonal or parallel to the ground.

Telescoping Handles:

Telescoping stroller Handles

These are called expanding handlebar. This type of handlebar expands the stroller and contract to change the length and provides a little more room and gives some space for your feet.

Non-adjustable handlebar

This is a typical cheap model, mostly used in lightweight or umbrella strollers and old model strollers. The handles are stable and fixed. You can’t expand them. These are suitable for shorter or average parents.
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