Triple Baby Stroller – Tips on Choosing One

Triple Baby Stroller – Tips on Choosing One

How to Choose a Triple Baby Stroller – Tips on Choosing One

Triple baby strollers can be remarkably handy, whether you have had multiples or have three young children close in age. Triple Baby Stroller – Tips on Choosing One is only for you. With the boom in multiple births, you can find these buggies in almost any permutation, from traditional carriages to jogging strollers.

Most name-brand strollers come in a double or triple model, though many times you will not be able to find them in a retail store. Most are considerably more expensive than a single or even a double, but deals can certainly be found.

A good place to start looking is at your local parenting groups. Most major cities have at least some kind of support group for parents of multiples. These groups usually have huge rummage sales at least annually. Arrive early, as the baby gear of any kind is a premium item at such sales.

Online auction sites may also find you a good price, just remember that these strollers are heavy and the shipping will be high. Check online to see how much the stroller you are looking to bid on is brand new, so you have a good idea of what to pay. The downside of buying used online is that you don’t get to see the item in person until you have purchased it. Look for high levels of positive feedback from previous happy customers. Many times you can arrange for local pickup, just be sure to be safe and smart about how to meet up.

Another big consideration is how you want the three seats arranged. You can usually choose between tandem or side by side seating, stadium seating, or with the seat facing each other. Each has its benefits and problems. Side by side seating means you can reach all of the kids, but you will most likely have trouble getting through standard doorways. Stadium seating is narrow, but the child in front is well out of arms to reach. Having the babies face each other may solve the width and length issues, but cause sibling squabbles. You just have to decide which benefit outweighs which problem.

Finding a triple baby stroller is certainly easier than it used to be, but choosing one may be a little more difficult with all these options.

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